Do you want to change the world together?

SHEOps Talent is a recruiting firm committed to helping great companies hire great people at a fair and predictable price.  Our mission is to support the growth of impact-focused organizations by enabling them to hire better.   We will achieve our mission by providing a simple hiring experience to our hiring clients and a simply human experience to the people we meet while helping them hire.  We will advance our mission by providing honest and transparent feedback to all of our customers.  We will grow by helping employers make smart hiring decisions and helping talented individuals achieve their career goals.


In case you were wondering, YES!, it is intentional that we emphasize SHE in our name. This does not mean we only hire women. We are committed to expanding the role of women in engineering, safety, reliability, production, operations, and leadership.  We make extra effort to showcase the great careers in manufacturing, construction, and industrial organizations provide to women who often overlook these industries.  We know our customers want to change this and we want to help. 


We will introduce our clients to all interested talent in the market regardless of gender.  We will make additional effort to actively market those roles to women who may not otherwise learn of the opportunity.  

Who We Serve

We partner with companies that have a heart and aren't afraid to show it.  If your organization puts people, planet, or purpose over profit, we want to help you hire better.  We can help you hire for almost any job, but we thrive on engineering and operations positions.


We provide our services to companies that show commitment to their employees, their customers, and their communities.  We work with organizations that care about their environmental impact and are ethical in their pursuit of profits.  We work with businesses who have a positive impact on the world while making money.  


If you're a professional who works in an engineering or operations career and want to work for organizations who value purpose as much or more than they do profit, let us know and we'll help you get connected.

Let's make the world a better place together!

Jobs That Inspire Us

  • Automation Engineering Jobs

  • Civil Engineering Jobs

  • Chemical Engineering Jobs

  • Controls Engineering Jobs

  • Design Engineering Jobs

  • Electrical Engineering Jobs

  • Environmental Engineering Jobs

  • Field Engineering Jobs

  • Health & Safety Engineering Jobs

  • Industrial Engineering Jobs

  • #IOT Jobs

  • Manufacturing Engineering Jobs

  • Mechanical Engineering Jobs

  • Packaging Engineering Jobs

  • Petroleum Engineering Jobs

  • Process Engineering Jobs

  • Product Design Engineering Jobs

  • Quality Engineering Jobs

  • Sales Engineering Jobs

  • Assistant Plant Manager Jobs

  • Continuous Improvement Jobs

  • Distribution Manager Jobs

  • Engineering Manager Jobs

  • Engineering Supervisor Jobs

  • Facilities Manager Jobs

  • General Manager Jobs

  • Maintenance & Reliability Jobs

  • Manufacturing Manager Jobs

  • Materials Management Jobs

  • Operations Management Jobs

  • Plant Manager Jobs

  • Product Development Jobs

  • Production Leadership Jobs

  • Project Management Jobs

  • Quality Assurance Jobs

  • Safety Manager Jobs

  • Supplier Quality Jobs

  • Supply Chain Management Jobs