Founders Message

I'm Terra Carbert the founder of SHEOps Talent.  I've spent the majority of my career helping companies get recruiting right.  From startup to Fortune 10 companies I've touched an element of Talent Acquisition for companies of all sizes in varied industries.  I founded SHEOps Talent to help great companies hire great people at a fair and predictable price.  I also founded SHEOps Talent to support women in highly male populated fields, and to have a direct impact on the future workforce for manufacturing, industrial, and STEM careers.

SHE-Ops Talent was officially founded in Minneapolis, MN in the fall of 2017 and began operating in 2018.  As I think about SHE-Ops Talent and what I believe it will be I imagine someday SHEOps Talent will become a team.  Right now, I'm definitely not alone.  I have a number of key partners I work with on our most complex searches.  I think of these partners as SHEOps Talent because great partnerships enable us to give great service.  For now, when I say "we" that's who I'm talking about, otherwise, every time I write the word it just feels funny.  


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Our Goals

  1. Be the first recruiting partner great companies think of when they are looking to solve difficult recruiting challenges.

  2. Be an outspoken advocate for women who work in engineering and operations professions.

  3. Participate in community efforts to attract more women and youth into S.T.E.M. careers, trade careers, and leadership.

  4. Actively support the growth and development of engineering and operations professionals of all genders.

  5. Help talented people achieve their full potential by connecting them with great employers.

Our Vision

  • SHEOps Talent provides employers with fair and predictably priced recruiting solutions tailored to their specific needs.

  • SHEOps Talent has a meaningful impact on the professional development and growth of employees and companies in the manufacturing, industrial, construction, and agriculture industries. 

  • SHEOps Talent is a trusted resource for empowering women in the workforce to reach their personal and career aspirations.  

  • SHEOps Talent is a reliable participant in youth education and skills training for manufacturing and construction careers.