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Is Your Hiring Process Fair?

You’ve heard the message loud and clear.  You know addressing workplace inequity in your organization and committing to diversity and inclusion isn’t only being a good human, it is also good for your bottom line.  Now, you’re thinking about how you hire. 


Do you find yourself wondering if your hiring process is fair? As responsible leaders, we need to be careful not to spend money fixing problems that don’t exist.  An overhaul of the entire recruiting process would be expensive. The good news is, you can answer this question in seven easy steps. And we are happy to help you figure out how


Interview training, bias training, blind resume technology, job description rewrites and working with diversity and inclusion consultants are all great options for working to address any bias you may have in your hiring process.  If you are considering investing in these solutions, doesn’t it make sense to fully understand the problem you are trying to solve?  


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