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I reviewed the top 10 results in Google and found the best article for you!

I've conducted thousands of phone interviews in my career resulting in hundreds of hires. Sometimes, I left the phone interviews wowed by a candidate. Other times, I hung up thinking "That was more like a monologue than an interview."

I was going write an article with my very own phone interview advice for you. Since Google returns nearly 2 million results for a search on "phone interview tips," there was no need to reinvent the wheel. I decided the best thing to do was read the top results and tell you which article I believe contains the most comprehensive advice for landing a face to face interview. Can't wait? Scroll to the end; we saved the best for last.

The Top 10 Phone Interview Tip Search Results Analyzed (Feb 2018)

The first three articles are published on and there is definitely some great advice in these articles but they are missing what I've experienced countless times as the interviewer which resulted in a candidate not moving forward to in-person interviews.

1. Get Some Great Phone Interview Tips

2. Phone Interview Questions and Answers

3. Phone Interview Questions to Ask

These articles from US News, and Indeed also provide some good advice, but there is a tip still missing and it's all starting to sound the same.

4. 17 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview | On Careers | US News

5. 17 Phone Interview Tips to Guarantee a Follow-Up |

6. Phone Interview Tips to Get You to the Next Round |

This article on Forbes comes close to giving you all of the right phone interview advice in the sections titled, "Listen First." and "Then Talk."

7. How To Ace A Phone Interview

These are articles on Forbes and Monster have some decent advice on how to succeed in your phone interviews. They are not hitting on the phone interview mistake that often prevents job seekers from getting the face to face interview.

8. 10 Tips For Phone Interview Success

9. 5 Tips to Acing Your Phone Interview

​Finally, I found it! This is by far the best phone interview tip article you will ever read, in my opinion. Read it, follow @2interviewguys on Twitter or follow their blog. They clearly get it! This should be the number one result when you search for phone interview advice on google. Sadly, it's not.

10. 8 Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You A Second Interview ''

Best Phone interview Advice - Talk, but don't dominate.

The best tips on their site are the one above and the three below. If you do just these things during your phone interviews, you will absolutely be doing better than roughly half of the candidates I've ever phone interviewed...and that's a lot of people!

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