Happy Women's Day 2018

Today for Women’s day I took time to appreciate and celebrate the women who motivated me to embark on this new journey of following my heart to pursue a dream of starting SHE-Ops Talent and embrace myself completely. Many of you don’t have any idea that you’ve been an inspiration to me as I’ve watched you just simply be yourself. You all did something that was, to me, awe-inspiring but seemed to come naturally to you; maybe it was the result of your own season of self-growth.

Thank you for showing me to embrace the painful wounds of my grief! To the women who publicly endured the pain of illness, grief, and loss with grace and vulnerability in ways I never seemed to be able to but have since learned. Sandra R, Amanda K, Erin H, Rachel A, Liane L, Johnnie, Angela, Lisa W.

Thank you for making me feel normal! To the women who were themselves, always, for posting political opinions, photos, videos, stories of the messes in your houses, your bad days, your good days, your achievements and your setbacks without giving a damn what anyone else thought. Jess M, Erica S, Tory F, Kelley M, Tasha, Cathie, Tatum, Sara W, Tammy, Kelly S, Heidi, Dawn, Jenni M, Tonette, Brandi, Amanda G, Lisa N, Sandra C, Tiffany K, Kate B.

Thank you for encouraging me to go for it! To the women who kicked ass (well, you all do) achieving physical fitness, diet, careers, family, personal growth, hobbies, and community activism goals. Kate B, Tiffany K, Juli B, Lori D, Mary A, Chrissa D, Courtney A, Linda, Becky, Laura, Elena, Jackie J, Jess M, Johnnie J, Lisa N, Lisa S, Sarah C, Maya R., Miquel, Pallavi S, Tonnette, Becca, Tammy, Nicole S, Sara W, Christine A, Rachel A, Sherrie H.

I’ve been watching. You’ve made a difference in my life. You’ve made me wonder how I could be more like you. I’m sure there are names missing so if you wonder how you’ve impacted me feel free to reach out and I’ll tell you. I’m so fortunate to know you. Thank you. Keep being you!

Is there a woman made an impact on your life this past year? Take a minute to recognize them!

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